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What is “Redefine the Game Institute?

It is a leadership development program designed to strengthen the African American leadership pipeline in the Omaha community. The program will provide in-depth insights into the challenges and solutions facing diverse leaders in the corporate arena today.

What are the Benefits?

• Exposure to top executives (Table for Six: Mentoring Roundtable Sessions)
• Career strategies, skills, and insights for mapping the corporate matrix
• Building a Working (IDP) Individual Development Plan
• Branding Your Leadership Talent its full value

Who should attend?

The target market will be young professionals, mid-level professionals, emerging community leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners:

  • Young Professionals – Less than 5 years corporate experience
  • Mid-level Professionals – More than 5 years’ experience with some managerial responsibility
  • Emerging Community Leaders – Professionals in non-profit organizations
  • Government agencies with significant responsibilities to provide resources and opportunities to the local community or region.

What is the cost to attend?

Corporate Individual 2019 Tuition Cost $1,300 early bird – after October 10, 2018, $1,500. Per person

Non-Profit Individual 2019 Tuition Cost $995.00 early bird – after October 10, 2018, $1,200. Per person

What is the deadline for payment and registration?

The full tuition amount is due by the first session. Each participant is fully responsible for the final payment.

Can I be invoiced via my company for the tuition cost?

Only corporate group rates and sponsorships will need to be invoiced through the Empowerment Network. Please email Aisha Conner at or by phone at (402) 502-5153.